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NEW products: RADAR detector and TERMAL cameras

All products offered are distributed from official channels and are checked, tested and pre-set - upgraded to the latest firmware and optimised for reliable and stable long life surveillance to avoid any technical issues in the near future. All products come with full technical support and warranty.
VAT is excluded in the prices.

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24 GHz RADAR motion detector, angle 120°, range 5-50 m

Accurate, day and night detection
To avoid false alarms, Enables autotracking for PTZ cameras
N1PRO - Nextone PRO Ready

price: 1299 EUR


2.1 MP (1080p), 2.8 mm


price: 398 EUR

P1405-LE MkII

2.1 MP (1080p), 2.8-10 mm


price: 725 EUR

Q1765-LE Mk II


4.7-84.6 mm-18x zoom

price: 1421 EUR

8ch NVR (M)


with monitor

price: 1290 EUR

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   Dean is a very detailed-oriented IP video security specialist, who produces great results for the company. His knowledge of the industry is outstanding and this shows when customers request to speak with him. Great person to to work with.   

Matjaz M. (the person and testimonial are genuine and real from LinkedIN)

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Diagnostics Free of Charge

Do you want to re-set the cameras and/or NVR for more reliable and stable system and don't know how to do it?
Let the experts, who have set up many systems and help security and installer companies to start and run many systems so the projects have been finished in time, check the cameras and NVR - recording device.

Diagnostics is done remotely via Teamviewer, if your equipment allows it. Before starting, download Teamviewer by clicking the button below, if you do not already have it and run it in "RUN" mode (installation is not required) as a private for non-commercial purposes. After Teamviewer is actived and running, please contact us and let us know the ID and password and the time of diagnostics when best suits you to attend and monitor our work. We may also use some other software tools to get diagnostics done properly and we will run them on your computer only if necessary. You will be notified in advance. All software we use are virus free, most of them are official tools from the manufacturers. Diagnostics should not last more than one hour. In many cases, it gets a little bit stucked, because not everything is set as it should be, in this case it may take a little longer

For diagnostics, we will also need username, password, and basic IP address to access the devices. Before we will begin you will receive a call from us, so you can personally talk to us and agree on what will done. You will also receive a privacy statement and protection of confidential information. We will check the IP addresses of the system devices for the diagnostics itself, check the camera image/video and recording settings, and recording device. At the end of the diagnosis, you will receive a short report.

As far as trust issues are concerned, let me say that we have a large number of credit/debit card numbers, passwords, accesses and other confidential information on file which will never and have never been abused since 1999. After we are finished with the diagnostics, you simply close Teamviewer, so we no longer have access to your devices, but for you to be 100% sure that we have not install or use any suspicious program, we recommend you to be present at all times and supervise our work.

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The models offered are selected according to the specification and are among the most popular models by the customers. These models provide one of the best price/performance ratio in the market according to the feedback, but there is a chance these models are not the best solution for your case and your surveillance needs, so if you have any specific requirements, please contact us and we will find the best solution for you
We have a great support directly from all the suppliers: Axis, Milestone, Hikvision and Dahua. 
We don't guess, we have tested most of the solutions offered.